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Voilé Climbing Heels Voilé Climbing Heels Voilé Climbing Heels
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Voilé Climbing Heels

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29,95 €
One pair of splitboard climbing heel pads, heel pad shims, 58mm climbing wires, and 4 M6 x 16mm flat head screws. The heel pad shim is especially important because it is the interface with the Splitboard Crampon for fixed mode of attachment. All factory built splitboards after model year 2000 have this shim. The shim also protects the topsheet of the board half from wear from the pivoting climbing wire.

Contents: 2 pieces 52mm climbing aids, 4 M6 x 16mm  screws
Colltex Quick Spray Colltex Quick Spray
12,30 € instead of 12,95 €
Voile Flathead Screws Voile Flathead Screws
3,95 €
Spare Parts
Spark LT Pin System Spark LT Pin System
74,95 €
Ultralightweight Touring Bracket of Alu.
Voile Puck Voile Puck
5,95 €
Spare Part
Voile Puck Gasket Voile Puck Gasket
3,95 €
Spare Part
Voile Puck Disc (inline) Voile Puck Disc (inline)
5,95 €
Spare Part
Voilé Split Hooks Voilé Split Hooks
19,95 €
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