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Our service team updates your Ortovox or Pieps LVS device for you.


Jones Snowboards
Beside the two well known models Jones Mountain Twin Split and Solution Split attend itself in 2011/12 the new Jones Hovercraft Splitboard. This touring snowboard is equipped with a Hybrid-rocker at the nose and tail.

K2 Splitboard
The next increment is the K2 Splitboard Panoramic in four different lengths. Equipped with a lightweight Bammbooyah wooden-core and rocker-shape.

Völkl Splitboard
The first news leak through after the ISPO in Munich . Thus we can expect a lot of innovations on the touring snowboards. For the winter season 2011/12 there will be Völkl Splitboards on the market.

Splitboard tuning
Since lately you can find a screw-tuning kit in our splitboard-shop. It contains in different kits aluminium screws and titanium screws witch you can use to replace your old steel screws. From the Voile splitboard-system up to the Spark splitboard-binding these kids encompass all screws on your board. This enables you to save a substantial amount of weight.

Deeluxe touring-snowboard boot
Starting the season 2011/2012 we will offer you as a capable splitboard shop the Deeluxe touring-snowboard boot. Another milestone in the splitboardera! The Deeluxe touring-snowboard boot has an outstanding climbing attitude in combination with the Spark splitboard-binding. This Snowboard touring boot is the only on witch is crampon-firm.

Burton Freebird splitboard
a length of 158 and 162cm for all splitboard rider with a weight from 50-100 kg.

Venture splitboard
Venture snowboards were designed and crafted in Colorado San Juan Mountains. Venture is a small and independent snowboard manufacturer. The Venture Divide splitboard is a backcountry splitboard for all situations. It is manufactured in three different latitudes for a perfect performance independent from the shoe size.

Prior splitboard
Prior Snowboard is a lifestyle business standing for high quality split- and snowboards.

Spark splitboardbinding
Nearly compulsory for the ambitious tour walker with soft boots are the Spark splitboardbindings. They are light weight, slim and easy to handle. This type of binding fits to the Voile system. Spark R & D was built in 2005 with the aim to set the splitboardbinding on a higher level. Two years and many prototypes later they have success. The first sane splitboardbinding is on the market. Since 2008 you can buy it at the Biwakscharte store.


DeeLuxe Spark TF M25.5 / EU40.0 - Splitboard Boot DeeLuxe Spark TF M25.5 / EU40.0 - Splitboard Boot
199,95 € instead of 349,95 €
Snowboard Tourenboot with Vibram-Sole.
K2 Panoramic Splitboard 2012/13 K2 Panoramic Splitboard 2012/13
599,95 € instead of 969,95 €
Lightweight and agile by Bambooya .
Never Summer Summit Splitboard Never Summer Summit Splitboard
849,95 € instead of 999,95 €
HighEnd , lightest and most stable in all-mountain .
Spark LT Pin System Spark LT Pin System
74,95 €
Ultralightweight Touring Bracket of Alu.
Spark Multi Tool Spark Multi Tool
13,95 €
Bits for adjusting and repairing .
Colltex ct40 - Split Climbing Skins Colltex ct40 - Split Climbing Skins
119,95 € instead of 179,95 €
Ultralight splitted Climbing Skins
Black Diamond Glidelite Mohair Pure STS - Climb... Black Diamond Glidelite Mohair Pure STS - Climbing Skins
169,95 €
The GlideLite Mohair Pure STS is easiest and most versatile 100% mohair system.
Black Diamond Glidelite Mohair Mix STS - Climbi... Black Diamond Glidelite Mohair Mix STS - Climbing Skins
149,95 €
Easiest and most versatile mohair and nylon mix system.
Gecko Adhesive Splitboard Short-Skins Gecko Adhesive Splitboard Short-Skins
89,95 € instead of 179,95 €
Climbing skin with high adhesive strength .
Gecko Adhesive Splitboard Skins Gecko Adhesive Splitboard Skins
174,95 € instead of 179,95 €
Width Climbing skin with high adhesive strength .
Spark Strappy Strap Spark Strappy Strap
21,95 €
Velcro strap
Spark LT Pin - Sparepart Spark LT Pin - Sparepart
14,95 €
Spare Pin for Spark LT Pin System.
CollTex Transfer Tape CollTex Transfer Tape
11,95 €
Based adhesive transfer film...
Colltex Quick Spray Colltex Quick Spray
12,30 € instead of 12,95 €
Colltex - adhesive spray on...
Contour Adhesive Tube Contour Adhesive Tube
12,95 €
Glue renewal .
Karakoram Board Clip Hardware Karakoram Board Clip Hardware
15,95 €
Screws and Nuts for Karakoram Hooks.
Voile Splitkit Universal Voile Splitkit Universal
169,95 €
For using old Splitboard Binding.
Voile Splitboard Hardware for Bindings Voile Splitboard Hardware for Bindings
149,95 €
Hardware for Blaze,Burner, Light Rail.
LTB Classic Split 171 - Used Splitboard LTB Classic Split 171 - Used Splitboard
650,00 €
Very good used Splitboards, often rarely used.
Voile Mojo RX 171 - Used Splitboard Voile Mojo RX 171 - Used Splitboard
650,00 €
Very good used Splitboards, often rarely used.
Karakoram Splitboard Crampons Karakoram Splitboard Crampons
99,95 €
For icy conditions and easy walk.
CollTex Spitzenspanner XXL CollTex Spitzenspanner XXL
13,50 € instead of 14,95 €