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Hiking Backpacks

Trips and adventures in nature have to be planned and organized. If you want to store your equipment well, you need a high quality backpack. According to the required number of liters you can select a backpack in a matching color and take advantage of our favorable prices.

Climbing Backpacks

While climbing, the backpack has to fit perfect and offer plenty of space for carabiners, climbing rope and so on. If it rains and an integrated rain cover proves to be practical.

Bike Backpacks

Who loves cycling or just likes to riding a bike should buy a bike backpack. In that way you are quickly on the road and still got all of your stuff with you.

Kids Backpacks & Child carriers

Nature is the real adventure for kids. This is the reason why Backpacks for kids are very leightweight, padded and available in different colors. Our ergnomoic, save and well back ventilated child carriers are perfect for family trips.

Ski Touring Backpacks

Ski touring backpacks are especial designed for ski and winter sports. These backpacks are usually equipped with special compartments for quick access to avalanche equipment in case of emergencys. They also have attachments for skis, snowboards and split boards.

Daypacks & Bags

Daypacks are perfect for everyday wear and day trips. They are available in different sizes, variants and colors, just like notebook and sports bags.

Packing Bags & Rain Covers

Packing bags and rain covers are important to protect the backpack and its contents from water, and keep them dry. All of our high quality packing bags are waterproof and provide optimal protection.


Black Diamond Agent 22 Black Diamond Agent 22
54,95 € instead of 89,95 €
Skitouring Backpack
Osprey Talon 33 - Day / Bike Backpack Osprey Talon 33 - Day / Bike Backpack
94,95 € instead of 99,95 €
Tagestouren, Ãœbernachtung, Abenteuerrennen
Exped Fold Drybag Exped Fold Drybag
7,50 € instead of 8,95 €
Exped Fold Drybag Ultralite Exped Fold Drybag Ultralite
9,50 € instead of 10,95 €
Packsack UL
Exped Fold Drybag BS Exped Fold Drybag BS
7,50 € instead of 8,95 €
Exped Fold Drybag BS 4-Set (XS-S-M-L) Exped Fold Drybag BS 4-Set (XS-S-M-L)
41,95 € instead of 44,95 €
Exped Shrink Bag Exped Shrink Bag
21,95 € instead of 23,95 €
Exped Shrink Bag Pro Exped Shrink Bag Pro
14,50 € instead of 15,95 €
Pieps Freerider 24 Pieps Freerider 24
84,95 € instead of 139,95 €
Freeride backpack with back protector .
Osprey Kestrel 38 Backpack Osprey Kestrel 38 Backpack
89,95 € instead of 129,95 €
Lightweight, simple and extremely convenient day trip backpack .
Exped Compression Bag Exped Compression Bag
25,95 € instead of 27,95 €
Exped Telecompression Bag Exped Telecompression Bag
29,95 € instead of 31,95 €
Ortovox Peak II 29 Ortovox Peak II 29
79,95 € instead of 119,95 €
Ski-, Mountain Backpack
Exped Crush Drybag Exped Crush Drybag
9,95 € instead of 10,95 €
Exped Mesh Organiser Exped Mesh Organiser
11,50 € instead of 11,95 €
Flat Net Bag
Exped Vista Organiser Exped Vista Organiser
10,50 € instead of 10,95 €
SealLine Kodiak Window 40l SealLine Kodiak Window 40l
39,95 € instead of 49,99 €
SealLine Kodiak Window 20l SealLine Kodiak Window 20l
19,95 € instead of 29,95 €
SealLine Kodiak Window 15l SealLine Kodiak Window 15l
14,95 € instead of 24,95 €
Basic Nature PackSystem Basic Nature PackSystem
6,70 € instead of 6,95 €